Wednesday, June 17, 2020

2020 Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

I am going to post the photo grab that I got from the Boston Marathon Website showing the Updated 2020 Boston Marathon Qualifying Times for the Men's and Women's Categories.
At my age of 68 years old, my Qualifying Time is 4:05 hours but it would be safe if I register a time of less than 4:03:21 hours just to make sure that I can join the succeeding editions of the Boston Marathon. If not, I have to wait for me to turn 70 years old so that my Qualifying Time will be 4:20 hours or 4:18:21 hours which I think will still be doable if I maintain my present body condition all the way.
This post will serve as my reference, just in case, I will decide again to qualify for the Boston Marathon in the coming years. It will be a good reference also those runners who have to goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Good luck to all of us. Stay safe and thank your dropping by in this blog.

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